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Beastie Boys’ Licensed To Ill Paired Rap With Metal’s Heaviness, TRAITRS present their much-anticipated album 'Horses In The Abattoir', plus new releases from Trend Kill Ghosts, Exodus, The Kundalini Genie, Norsk Råkk e Apto Vulgar.

Traitrs | Horses In The Abattoir: Canadian dark indie duo TRAITRS present their much-anticipated album 'Horses In The Abattoir', a collection of 11 dark and lush tracks released on November 19. The rising post-punk / darkwave stars also present the video for 'Ghost and The Storm', timely given the importance of mental health issues in our society, following up earlier singles 'Mouth Poisons', 'Oh, Ballerina' and 'Magdalene'. “To me, this record is about passing time and aging; the frailty and impermanence of existence. How everything we know and love exists briefly before disappearing into nothing”, says Sean-Patrick Nolan. “The theme of the record pulls heavily from the title: taking something innocent and beautiful and ending its life for no reason. In retrospect, ‘Horses’ captures the darkest period of our entire lives and that hurt bleeds out all over the record”, says Shawn Tucker. Via Black / Blue.

Radiohead performing on the 2016 Moon Shaped Pool tour By David Urrea - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Trend Kill Ghosts | Until The Sun Rise Again: A band on the rise in the power metal scene, Trend Kill Ghosts, releases its new album with collaborations such as Marina La Torraca (Phantom Elite, Exit Eden and Avantasia), Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween/Masterplan) and Elisa C.Martin (Dark Moor, Dreamaker and Fairyland). In the new album, the band adorns their style a little, incorporating more melodic sounds and bombastic orchestrations, making the album akin to melodic and symphonic power. Despite not being a concept album, it contains very interesting and personal stories, as it was written during the pandemic. 'Until The Sun Rise Again’ is now available on all digital platforms, and will be released in physical format in January on Heavy Metal Rock label. Listen to Until The Sun Rise Again.

Exodus | Persona Non Grata: One of the most revered thrash metal bands in the world, the North American quintet releases its 11th album, ‘Persona Non Grata’, providing the lyric video for the track ‘Prescribing Horror’. Gary Holt commented: “We finally arrived at the day of the release of our new album. We were so excited to release the album that everything seemed to take forever! We're happy to share the latest lyric video of a song that is also one of my favorites on the album – ‘Prescribing Horror’. A short story about a brotherhood built on drugs and what happens when greed comes before security and life.” Watch Prescribing Horror.

Mike Rutherford By Andrew St.Denis - Public Domain

The Kundalini Genie | Half In, Half Out: Glasgow-based psychedelic rock’n’roll collective The Kundalini Genie released their fifth studio album 'Half In, Half Out'. Emerging from the nether regions of Glasgow, The Kundalini Genie has been blowing minds globally with music characterised by droning hypnotic fuzz rock, 60’s British Invasion-inspired melodies, transcendental sitar, and dreamy, spaced out soundscapes. With live shows involving eclectic displays of voodoo mojo and sound that ripples through the audience like a sonic tranquilizer, the band has performed with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Warlocks, The Underground Youth, The Myrrors, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Triptides, New Candys and Spindrift, in addition to ripping it up at numerous festivals. Via Black / Blue.

Zwaremachine | Conquest 3000 cover art

Norsk Råkk | Millioner av Sandkorn: In a world dominated by English language music, the band has a clear goal: to produce good rock music with Norwegian lyrics. Hence the name, Norsk Råkk (Norwegian Raw). 'Millioner av Sandkorn' (Millions of Grains of Sand) is from the latest album 'Balansekunstnere' (Balance Artists), which was released in October 2020 when the second wave of Covid19 hit Norway and disrupted most promotional tour plans. The new video was made especially for non-Norwegian fans around the world and is a beautiful video with the lyrics translated into English. Watch Millioner av Sandkorn.

Substance Festival 2021 poster

Apto Vulgar | Estado da Mente: New single shows a tough-as-nails hardcore and, at the same time, the maturity of the Brazilian quartet, which brings compositions that flows through different styles, whether due to the weight of metal or the dynamics of alternative rock. Vocalist Bonzo comments on this new phase of Apto Vulgar, which reaches the public with ‘Estado da Mente’, with a message about the need to expand ideas to move forward. "Changing is an act of revolution! We are always listening to the new, but revisiting the old. We heard so many during this process... We didn't leave Faith No More aside, they are geniuses and we enjoy how they make music in a different way. in this current process, there is a lot of Turnstile, who opened his mind with this thing of composing freely within hardcore". Listo to Estado da Mente.

Beastie Boys’ Licensed To Ill Paired Rap With Metal’s Heaviness: A crushing, gritty, reverberating drum beat kicks off the opening track on the Beastie Boys’ debut album, Licensed To Ill. The beat hammers on calamitously for a few bars before it’s joined by a rough-and-ready guitar riff, locking in perfectly with the drums and creating a groove of irresistible power. But there’s something else going on here. We’ve heard that riff somewhere before—it’s none other than Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” from their 1971 masterpiece Master of Reality. Nor are the drums completely novel; the epic beat is the work of Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham, from the band’s “When the Levee Breaks.” As for the vocals? Robert and Ozzy are both absent from this unruly mix. Instead, we’re treated to rapping from three boisterous New Yorkers (Mike D, MCA, and Ad-Rock, to be precise) who were about to turn the world of popular music on its head. It’s heavy metal, but not as we know it. Via Treble.


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