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The history of Industrial music in 45 songs, Metal Festivals: UNP Online Fest and Extreme Sound Records Online Fest, Argentine musician records in partnership with the mythical Indians, Sabaton to release two concerts, I Am a Rocketship releases new album and Marinas Found argues about Everything She Tries To Do.

Santiago Córdoba | Doroja: Argentine musician Santiago Córdoba's third album, Doroja, was recorded in partnership with the mythical Indians The Bauls of Bengal at Hansadhwani Studio, located in the city of Calcutta, India. The album was conceived before the pandemic, during Santiago's residency in the mystical Indian city, where he landed with only a synthesizer and a bombo leguero (a kind of Argentine bass drum). The Bauls of Bengal is a West Bengali tribe who believe that freedom is not limited to gender or religion; an excellent starting point for the sound development that we can appreciate in “Doroja” and that introduces us to an intense and psychedelic trance. Throughout the songs, the album brings together traditional Bauls songs and instrumental improvisations based on a mixture of the local rhythm Jhumur with bass drum leguero, in addition to other compositions performed together in the studio. In addition to the streaming album, Santiago and The Bauls of Bengal have released music video for the song 'Manush Gache Ekbar'.

Radiohead performing on the 2016 Moon Shaped Pool tour By David Urrea - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

I Am a Rocketship | Lies and Legends: American-Swedish indie pop outfit I Am a Rocketship have released their new album 'Lies and Legends', their most ambitious offering to date, following well-received singles 'Fever Dream' and 'What's This For'. The new 'Lies and Legends' album is comprised of ten songs about the appeal, in trying times, of lies and legends over reason and love. They give people hope, a feeling of belonging, and frequently, a license to do terrible things in the name of their belief. "When facts are scary, people turn to belief. I guess these are songs about faith, how it can be comforting, but blinding," says guitarist and programmer Eric Weissinger. Via Black / Blue.

Online Metal Festivals: UNP Online Fest and Extreme Sound Records – Online Festival: With 34 bands representing 11 different countries, (Mercic; Life Once Lost; Siamese Cancer; Karnak Seti; The Crew Tones; Thus Unspoken; Thirdsphere; Hologram; King Of Sweden; Final Coil; Solitary; Aristic; G.H.T; Mitsein; Metal Vrau; Sandman; Territorio Inimigo; Chaosfear; Apokrisis; Scars; Marenna; Válvera; Sick; Tosco; Embrio; Sacrifix; Sepulchral Voice; Vhäldemar; Metator - Spain; Ophelia's Eye; Draconis; No More Winters; Bioglycerin; Pzyroks), the UNP Online Fest will take place Friday 26th November at 22:00 GMT and Saturday 27th November at 22:00 on the official Underground n' Proud youtube channel UNPTV.

Before that, the label Extreme Sound Records, in partnership with the Eu Suporto Metal Nacional page, Reverbera Music Media, Estúdio 4ALL, Legion Brazil Nekrounderground and Over Metal present on Thursday, November 25th, at 8 pm, the 4th edition of Extreme Sound Records – Online Festival, including Chakal; Atomics; Dysnomy; Gross Gestures; Vulture; Hierarchical Punishment; Descerebration; Ophiolatry; Sleepless Ode; Diaballein; Lillith's Lust; Carpatus and Pesta. More information on the website of Extreme Sound Records.

Mike Rutherford By Andrew St.Denis - Public Domain

A history of Industrial music in 45 songs: Critic Simon Reynolds once said that being a Throbbing Gristle fan was “like enrolling in a university course of cultural extremism.” That’s an apt way to understand industrial music in its genesis. The sound and shape of industrial music has changed and evolved in countless ways since Throbbing Gristle first emerged in the 1970s, to the extent that the genre’s name has often been understood, if erroneously, as a description of its sound. Clanging metal, harsh noise, heavy pulsing rhythms—this is how we often understand industrial music, through the dancefloor terror of Skinny Puppy, the machine-metal of Ministry, or the artful cacophony of Einsturzende Neubauten. But over time it spread to farther extremes—sound collage, pure noise—while also infiltrating pop music. Treble tells the compelling history of this loved, but often misunderstood, style in 45 songs. Via Treble.

Zwaremachine | Conquest 3000 cover art

Marinas Found | Tudo que Ela Tenta Fazer: Marinas Found's third single from 2021, ‘Tudo que Ela Tenta Fazer’ (Everything she tries to do), talks about women, who are invisible, despised and not properly recognized for their efforts, whether for their relationships, with family, at work or in everyday life. Addressing topics as personal and social aspirations, Marinas Found makes an energetic hardcore/punk/pop punk that recalls the renowned bands of the genre in the 90s and 00s. Formed by four friends from the city of Pelotas (Brazil) in 2014, the band released their first album in 2017 and the second, Ansiolithic, in 2019. The band's last work brought a greater depth sonically and lyrically, which made the band have a greater expression in the Brazilian underground scene. Listen to Tudo que Ela Tenta Fazer.

Substance Festival 2021 poster

Sabaton Announces Pre-Sale of Special Shows: Multi-platinum Swedish heavy metal band SABATON has announced the sale of two DVD/Blu-Ray shows, "The Great Show" and "The 20th Anniversary Show". The material is scheduled to be released on November 19th. Both shows were recorded during the world tour “The Great Tour” that took place between the years 2019-2020 which also included special guests. The tracklist of shows is below and pre-sales can be done here. “The 20th Anniversary Show” is a two-hour show filmed at the acclaimed Wacken Open Air Festival where the band wrapped up the night in front of 75,000 fans. Coincidentally, on that fateful August 1, 2019, the band was also celebrating their 30th anniversary – which made the

night even more special. The second show, entitled “The Great Show” has 90 minutes and was recorded at a sold out show at the O2 Arena in Prague on January 26, 2020. With varied setlists, with songs taken from his extensive discography, “The Great Show” and “ 20th Anniversary Show" will be limited to 9000 copies each and may be purchased separately or together in the "The Great Show Stage Collector's Edition" Box set (limited to 5000 copies) which will include a brick version identical to the one Sabaton uses on their stages so fans can build their own stages. Watch The 20th Anniversary Show trailer.


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