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From Manchester With Love, the epic life of Tony Wilson, TRAITRS, Woesley Johann, Jenn Vix and Harry Stafford & Marco Butcher.

From Manchester With Love by Paul Morley review – an epic life of Tony Wilson:

There’s a Jeremy Deller artwork, The History of the World 1997-2004, which connects acid house with brass bands. It does so via long, looping arrows and scrawled words such as “Throbbing Gristle”, “privatization” and “the miners’ strike”; a visual mind map of connections between outsider music, local culture and political movements. According to The Guardian’s Miranda Sawyer, Paul Morley’s detailed, epic book about the life of Tony Wilson is like that artwork.

From Manchester With Love: The Life and Opinions of Tony Wilson by Paul Morley is published by Faber (£20). Via The Guardian.

Radiohead performing on the 2016 Moon Shaped Pool tour By David Urrea - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

TRAITRS | Ghost and The Storm: Canadian dark indie duo TRAITRS gift us another dark and wonderful track in 'Ghost and The Storm', the final preview of their forthcoming album, points to mental health issues and questioning your own sanity. According to Sean-Patrick Nolan, “The video pays homage to 'Rabbit In Your Headlights' by UNKLE, one of our all-time favourite songs and videos. It depicts the uneasy feeling of questioning your own sanity as it slowly slips away from you. We intentionally left it ambiguous as to who this troubled man is and what’s causing him to be so paranoid and erratic”. Via Black / Blue.

Woesley Johann | Secrets Of A Darkened Soul: Celebrating ten years of career, guitarist Woesley Johann (NervoChaos and Goat Necropsy) releases his solo album, entitled 'Secrets Of A Darkened Soul’. “It's an incredible happiness to be able to show the world my first solo album.” 'Secrets Of A Darkened Soul' was entirely recorded by Woesley, who plays all the instruments, with the exception of special appearances such as guitarist Prika Amaral (Nervosa), in the track 'Emotions', guitarists Guilherme Vorhass and Alge, in the track ' Cigarette time' and Eloy Casagrande, (Sepultura), who provided the drum track for the song 'Crashing in time'. ‘Secrets Of A Darkened Soul’ is an audacious project, where Woesley, known for his works in extreme metal, ventures to work several musical styles in a single album. Listen to Secrets Of A Darkened Soul.

Mike Rutherford By Andrew St.Denis - Public Domain

No Captains | 13th Moon ft. Emily Palen (a.k.a. KnightressM1): Inspired by classic monster movies and 2020's cycle of 13 full moons, American alternative rock / metal outfit No Captains present their new single '13th Moon', a chilling adventure not for the faint at heart. Based in San Francisco, No Captains is made up of Danny Sando (bass and back vocals), Vince Shore (drums and percussion) and Alex Shonkoff (vocals). On this particular track, the trio collaborated with kick-ass Bay Area violinist Emily Palen of KnightressM1, whose perfectly haunting performance will raise the hair on the back of your neck. Influenced by Mr. Bungle, Iron Maiden, Tool, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine, No Captains is on a mission to let the music transport you. At their live shows, the environment will take you for that ride, offering something for those wanting to jump around to, letting their aggression out. This is music to shake your butt to or let you forget about the things that stress you out. Via Black / Blue.

Zwaremachine | Conquest 3000 cover art

Jenn Vix | PTSD: Iconic alternative pop artist Jenn Vix is back with an impactful new single for our times, titled 'PTSD'. On this single, which offers a glimpse into her personal experience with the diagnosis and life with this disorder. With her signature vocals and unique timbre, Vix brings her unique brand of postpunk-tinged alt-pop into new territory with a nod to R&B and trap beats programmed by French beat producer Mister Lazy. Creative, courageous and connected, Jenn Vix is not only an ultra-talented artist - she’s a survivor. While her professional career reads like something of a 'Who's Who in Music', her life story underlines her notable perseverance, drive and commitment to music. Watch PTSD.

Substance Festival 2021 poster

Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher | Horror House Film: Manchester indie music stalwart and Inca Babies frontmen Harry Stafford and US-based Brazilian guitarist Marco Butcher present their new video for 'Horror Film House' from the 'Bone Architecture' album. The track is based on a slick calypso, guitar lick and narrative lyric by Harry Stafford and arrangement by Marco Butcher, who plays drums, solos and provides the spooky elements. "Horror film House is a film treatment in two and a half pumpkin-shaped minutes. A domestic ‘folk gone bad’ kind of tale, perfect for Halloween. Most definitely in the keeping of classic Horror films, and probably borrowing much from ‘Near Dark’ and ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, it has all the ingredients to tingle the spine," says Harry Stafford. Filmed in a haunted house in North Wales, Harry got away with his soul intact, advising to not look in the mirror, saying ‘Horror Film House’ three times... you just might be sorry. Watch Horror House Film.


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