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The 10 best industrial albums that you need in your record collection; Inca Babies are back with a new album; indie-folk duo Shrinari presents a collection of deep, inspirational tracks; Lusitanian Ghosts introduces alternative neo-folk featuring ancient Portuguese chordophones and other European string instruments and Brazilian Groove Metal band Headspawn released live single.

Inca Babies | Swamp Street Soul: Post-punk swamp-goth rockers Inca Babies pare back with resent ‘Swamp Street Soul’, their eighth studio album. This collection of new tunes, drawn from their fantastic imagination, offers a hefty dose of the gritty sound that the Manchester-based deathrock / postpunk outfit have become known for over the decades since forming in 1983. ‘Swamp Street Soul’ takes us across a tightly euphoric path of differing moods and new arenas of guitar songwriting. This LP continues the band's explosive exploration of goth-punk and death-rock and trash blues with epic cautionary ballads. Frontman Harry Stafford has written a fulsome collection of tall tales of madness, fearfully larger-than-life characters and extravagant yarns, backed by a no-nonsense rhythm section locked into a pounding backbeat. Via Black / Blue.

Radiohead performing on the 2016 Moon Shaped Pool tour By David Urrea - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Shrinari | Hold On To The Hope, Though: British-Spanish indie folk duo Shrinari present their new long-player 'Hold On To The Hope, Though', a collection of deep, inspirational tracks recorded over the past few years, bringing the listener with them on a surrealistic journey on a path of discovery. You could call this music Genre Fluid, Sacred Funk or Spirit Soul. You could call it High Frequency Music or World Folk Pop. This beautifully-crafted collection is inspiration and full of love, light and positivity. Via Black / Blue.

Lusitanian Ghosts | Exotic Quixotic: Portuguese-Canadian-Swedish alternative neo-folk collective Lusitanian Ghosts present 'Exotic Quixotic', their sophomore album, released via European Phonographic and featuring ancient Portuguese chordophones and other European string instruments. This is a brilliant taste of the sonic prism through which the Ghosts present ancient sounds in the 21st Century. "This is the first record ever made that gathers these regional chordophones as the main protagonists, all on the same record. Whereas on the first Lusitanian Ghosts, we still used 6-string acoustic guitars and electric guitars, on this one we have abandoned them entirely in favour of just the chordophones leading this unique soundscape," says Neil Leyton. Via Black / Blue.

Mike Rutherford By Andrew St.Denis - Public Domain

The 10 best industrial albums that you need in your record collection: ‘Industrial’ is the term that was eventually used to describe the kind of bleak, synthesiser-heavy post-punk rock that emerged in Britain and the United States. The initial wave of bands such as Cabaret Voltaire, Einstürzende Neubauten and DAF were essentially rather arch and arty projects, but in the 1980s a new, more brutal variant emerged. Killing Joke in the United Kingdom, Ministry in the US, Skinny Puppy in Canada, Front 242 in Belgium and KMFDM in Germany played industrial music that was very different from the Throbbing Gristle school of British Industrial music. Via Metal Hammer.

Substance Festival 2021 poster

Headspawn | Satellite (Live): Brazilian Groove Metal band from Joao Pessoa (Paraiba), Headspawn have released "Satellite (Live)", the first advance from their new EP "Pretty Ugly People Live", recorded live, but without an audience due to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. With the audio production from Victor Hugo Targino (Cangaço, Forahneo, Omago) and video by Jobson Andrade, the band cohesively and energetically simulated what can be expected from now on when the shows return for real. "Pretty Ugly People Live" will be released in audio and video format across all streaming platforms, but before that the band plans to make each of the four tracks available separately as singles. Watch Satellite (Live).

Ymbu | Rua: Ymbu released his new track, ‘Rua’ (Street), a colorful and dancing Psychedelic-Electronic Xote. Personifying the street as an object of desire, the Brazilian singer joins Marcelo Cavalcante - from the Pernambuco band Avoada - to share voices and feelings, collectivizing the longing that the music speaks of. The release is accompanied by a collaborative video, made up of videos sent by fans: In order to convey the feeling of longing and nostalgia that permeates the song , Ymbu requested for fans to send personal, pre-pandemic videos. Watch Rua.


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