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Cemetery Sex Fairies: Seduction, intoxication, addiction, love and sometimes bittersweet pain

Atualizado: 6 de fev. de 2021

Let the Fairies take your hand and dance in a never-ending dreamy madness.

Could the reunion of a half-manic brain researcher with a glowing passion for Russian synthesizers (Prof. Pan), a prog metal-adoring literary scholar (Tinka) and a bloodthirsty thriller author (Belle) ever function together? Well, contrary to the universe's rule, this uneven trio project of flourished from their common dedication to darkwave and early 80s music.

The result was the remarkable debut album "The Liquid Source of Joy & Horror", which was released in May 2020 along with the video of “Liquid Luck”.

The album is a synthpop masterpiece that feels like it was spit through a wormhole directly from the 80s. “Liquid Luck”, the first track, is a high paced pop song that makes perfect use of contrasting vocals in the verses and chorus. “Mystery” and “Tanz Allein” keep the momentum while “Wide & Dark”, that received a beautiful animation video in June, and “Shot” gives us a break and takes us to a more contemplative mood. While “Red Game” brings gives us a more playful place, “Gone” pulls us deep into a dark emotive vein. The album finishes with “Fremdem Frau” a well-crafted darkwave song with clever vocals that goes from low dense verses and high energetic chorus.

Now the band commissioned two remixes for their new single “Tanz Alein”: Dirk Riegner’s Isolation Mix perfectly captures the energy of the original song in a more electronic outfit. On the other hand, Mark Reeder’s Always Alone Mix once again subverts, just like in the “Dead Souls” remix he produced for Deer, the original energy of the song and transforms it in a remarkable dark, moody track.

The Fairies are working on their live-set and are expected to bring their songs on the dark & alternative stages in the coming year.

Watch "Wide & Dark", Fairies' second video.

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