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New Releases: Heavy Rainfall (Storm Warning EP) – Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder

Atualizado: 11 de mar. de 2021

Third single from the duo album is about the climate, the political climate.

No matter how dark it gets, if we don't give up, we will survive.

Although the title suggests otherwise, 'Heavy Rainfall', the third outtake from Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder's album Children of Nature, is not only about the environment, or any other form of natural weather condition. It is about the climate indeed, but about the political climate.

The duo knows how totalitarian regimes can affect people's lives. Alanas grew up in the Soviet Union, so he knows how his life could have turned out if the Communist regime had not collapsed. Mark has lived in walled-in Berlin since the late 70s and has had first-hand experience with the mind-controlling East German authorities.

Released October 28, 2020, one week before the American election, 'Heavy Rainfall' is about the unfortunate re-emergence of totalitarian regimes and how they can easily creep upon you and change your life in an instant.

It's about how they can use uncertainty to gain strengthened social control over the minds of the population, so it is also about how your thoughts are manipulated. It's about how your attention is diverted by trivia. It's about how unsustainable humanity is today. It is an echo and a mirror of ourselves. It’s a storm warning - and yet the message is positive.

It delivers a message of hope.

Don’t give up,

When you feel

there’s no way out

Just listen to you heart

Then you can’t fall apart

Indeed, no matter how much 'Heavy Rainfall' we get, we just have to wait and ride out the storm.

The video imagery pushes another important message, the environment, in a series of images that reflect the waste and contamination our society produces.

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