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Vener: Seismic waves from Sweden

Atualizado: 6 de fev. de 2021

Stockholm’s electronic duo fuse elements of post-punk and modern dance music throwing listeners between rhythmic beat-driven tracks and atmospheric images.

Described as “dance music to the backdrop of a world falling apart” or “suitable sounds for an extinction-level event”, Vener started in 2019 from the ambition of two Stockholm’s scene musicians, Mirella Hautala and Oliver Gille Vowden, to combine invigorating subjects, such as the turmoils of life, humanity's dark nature and ambivalence towards a steady decline, with diverse musical elements, emphasizing on rhythm and intensity.

Fueled by a wide range of musical inspirations such as Killing Joke, Big Black, Underworld, Trans Am, Gazelle Twin and Cabaret Voltaire, the band first single “Tremors” is sure to cause seismic waves on any dancefloor. Hautala's voice gives an emergency feel to an already chaotic beat that pushes the listeners to awareness. Yes, this is not easy-listening, this is not an eight-bar beat loop to dance into oblivion, you feel and listen to the music as your feet follow the rhythm.

The B-side, “Conscience”, is a completely different beast. An atmospheric, downbeat song that proves Vener is not a one-trick pony and leaves you wondering what a full-length album could bring.

Watch "Tremors", Vener's first video.

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