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New Releases: O Circo | Virtvs

Band's new video is a direct criticism of the Brazilian current political scene.

Virtvs recently released a new album that presents a punk rock footprint of the 90s and a hint of social criticism. The band promotes the release with the video for the track ‘O Circo’ (The Circus), a song that opens the band's first album. The video deals with the current political scenario in Brazil, focused on criticism of the current federal government, bringing elements of punk both in the lyrics and in the music itself.

With punk influences from the nineties, a hint of social criticism and visceral melodies, the band presents to the national scene the good old rock n roll that dominated underground houses from the early nineties until the beginning of the two thousand. The album, named after the band, is made of songs that bring back the musical and behavioral chaos that makes punk/hardcore much more than a musical style, a lifestyle.

The first half of the debut album brings a raw punk/hardcore that makes, with very critical lyrics about the world's current scenario. The second half of the album features a more melodic and poetic approach, stirring the imagination of those who listen. The material also has some songs with rock-pop themes, that will please younger audiences.

VIRTVS emerged in 2019, and has its influences in the hardcore punk rock of the 90s, passing through alternative and post-punk rock. Formed by Juan Lima (Guitar and Voice), Luiz André (Bass and Voice), Guga Rock Salles (Guitar and Voice) and Rafael Coelho (Drums), the band discusses in the themes of their songs as violence against women, depressive disorder, politics and love, always highlighting the doubts that guide human thoughts.

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