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New Releases: Dimensionaut / Eye in the Sky | Gods & Punks

Atualizado: 11 de mai. de 2021

Brazilian Stoner band releases two singles simultaneously as a preview of the fourth album.

Considered a precursor to the progressive stoner in Brazil, Gods & Punks, has already released three albums, in addition to several EPs and consolidated the name worldwide. As a taster of the forthcoming fourth album, the band released two singles: ‘Dimensionaut’ and ‘Eye in the Sky’, which highlight the group's evolution.

The fast and intense ‘Dimensionaut’, which is a summary of the story that the band tells since the debut EP, the Dimensionaut's journey, is available on streaming platforms.

‘Eye in the Sky’, on the other hand, is a reimagined version of the first track of the debut EP (The Sounds of the Earth, 2016), is available exclusively on the Gods & Punks Bandcamp. "We slowed down the chorus and added a pipe organ to make it much heavier," says the band. The beginning and end of the song are directly linked to the track Dying Planet, the last track on the third album, ‘And the Celestial Ascension’.

The Sounds of the Universe

Gods & Punks decided to release two singles on the same day to better represent what will be ‘The Sounds of the Universe’, the last release of the Voyage Series, which started in 2017 with ‘Into the Dunes of Doom’ and featured ‘Enter the Ceremony of Damnation’ (2018) and ‘And the Celestial Ascension’ (2020.)

"We have been telling a story for 4 years that will finally be finished, in a representative way to the narrative", analyzes the singer Ale Canhetti.

According to the band, in this context, ‘Dimensionaut’ represents the evolution of the quintet, while ‘Eye in the Sky’ shows how an old song would be performed with today's mentality and experience.

‘The Sounds of the Universe’ album will have nine songs: five tracks from our debut EP in new, revamped versions, and four new tracks, composed between 2019 and 2020.

The album will be the last release of the Voyage Series, but the first chapter in history. And, according to the band, whoever takes the time to listen to the songs in the correct order of the story, will understand the reason for this dynamic: “These two tracks launched are the beginning of this journey!”

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