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News: Corona Nimbus starts recording their new album Obsidian Dome

The band promises a denser and darker album than the eponymous debut album released in 2020.

Corona Nimbus started recording their new album entitled 'Obsidian Dome', in reference to the Obsdian stone, a black rock formed from the rapid cooling of volcanic lava. In ancient times such a rock had been used in the manufacture of knives, arrows and spears and according to these people, the Obsidian is extremely protective and serves as a shield against negativity.

Obsidian stone brings knowledge of the land, considered one of the most powerful stones in energy, being able to totally modify a person's life by absorbing the negative energies of the environment and strengthening us in times of need. In the first album, an atmosphere of positive feelings was created involving hope, lighting, warmth and external elements that influence the psyche in a somewhat naive way, this construction can be seen in all points of the first release: cover of the disc, color palette and photographs of the visual material. In Obdsian Dome, the duo brings up the other side of the coin.

"Undoubtedly '' this is a denser and darker album, forming the balance that we have been talking about since the beginning of the band. It is the continuation of a saga that I seek to bring up, being elevated to a new stage of sensations technical level." says Julius.

While the recording is being made at Family Mob (São Paulo-SP), the pre-production of all the new songs happened in their home town Teresina-PI at Studio 202 by vocalist Julio Baros, which can be seen in a video posted by the band on social media. At Family Mob, the band has posted a series of photos and videos on their profiles showing the behind-scenes of the process.

The album, which has not yet been released, will be produced by the award-winning Iago Guimarães from the Casinha Lab studio (Juzeiro-BA), featuring Jean Dolabella (Sepultura, EKT) playing drums, Rob Ashtoffen (bass), Iago Dayvison (drums) and other guest artists to be announced.

Check out the making of 'Obsidian Dome'.

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