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New Releases: Lovely Light of Life | Leach

Swedish “Trash’n’Roll” releases the second single from the future album Serenade (For The Broken Brave).

The Swedish band LEACH releases another single from the new album, ‘Serenade (For The Broken Brave)’ shows the strong, melodic sound that fits perfectly with their “thrash’n-roll” style that has been winning over hundreds of fans. 'Lovely Light of Life' is the band's new work, the third album of their career that arrives like a kick in the door, establishing a style and a sound that stands out from the crowd with its own mix of thrash metal, hardcore and rock'n'roll. ‘Lovely Light of Life’ will be released worldwide on May 21st on the American label Brutal Records.

Markus Wikander, vocalist and guitarist sends the message: "This second single from the album is a good summary of what will come ... Combine ruthless loud riffs with a great epic chorus and finish with pure hardcore energy. But be aware of the instant desire to want interrupt everything you’re doing while listening. You’ve been warned! "

LEACH knows how to get the pit started and keep strong until the last track. With ruthlessly loud rhythms that sound like a hymn carved into the very foundation of rock, ‘Lovely Light of Life’ illustrates the style of the band, which unites professionalism with dynamics and knows how to create great hits. To top it off, production is the right level of sharp and raw, with Christian Silver's skills at Studiomega. The producer has worked with Arch Enemy, Kreator, Soilwork and Dragonforce. One of the great new features of the album, the single from the bonus track ‘D.O.D’, which features Soilwork vocalist Bjorn Strid, was the debut of the new work. The track and video clip are available on major digital platforms.

Coming from a scene as rich as Sweden, a band cannot fail to receive some influence from their ancestors, in this case, the insistent energy of a Raised Fist, the parts of Entombed rock'n'roll, and the contagious melodies from The Haunted. But not everything is influenced by the homeland. LEACH also carries the strength of Hatebreed and the festival of the destruction of Exodus and Nuclear Assault. All of these influences were distilled into a potent blend that is instantly recognizable and entirely theirs.

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