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New Releases: Bender | Muladhara

Stoner power trio releases debut EP with powerful tracks that intersect dense instrumental journeys with powerful vocals.

With influences that include classic rock from the 70s, heavy metal, grunge and doom metal, Muladhara is pure stoner, including the option to tune their instruments at 432Hz, slightly below the 440Hz standard, preference to live and analog recordings, their sound is dark and passes through many textures and colors.

The EP contains the single "Pangea", previously released on streaming platforms in April this year, and 3 new tracks. All the songs were recorded live and “on tape” at the ForestLab studio, in Rio de Janeiro, with producer Lisciel Franco, using hand-built equipment by Lisciel himself.

Although having started out as an instrumental band, and using jams are the main sources of creation for Muladhara, the band is advancing their techniques and including vocals on their new songs. The opening track, "Bender of the Spine", portrays this transition of the band to include the voices over the instrumental layers created.

"From a riff that appeared in Chico's (the guitar player) dream, many different ideas came up and we started putting together the 'puzzle', which gave way to a melody of voice after a very heavy and progressive instrumental. The lyrics of the song came after we thought of the name. The idea of ​​the name “Bender of the Spine” came from the intention that we felt in the instrumental, a heavy sound capable of bending the column ", they say.

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