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New Releases: Trinity | Prïnceps

Atualizado: 14 de jun. de 2021

The Prodigy/Chemical Brothers inspired duo promotes their latest release which features the collaboration of Italian DJ EKL!

Prïnceps are a London-based electronic rock duo consisting of Renz Byrne (singer) and Marko Press (bassist and producer). Described as a fusion of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Bring Me The Horizon and The Used, Princeps' influences vary widely, covering a wide range of genres, with the only common theme being the love of music.

The musicians worked together for years, forming Prïnceps when their former band broke up in 2018. Their name was inspired by their mutual love of Ancient Rome (the Press's hometown) and the video game 'Rome: Total War'.

With their contrasting blend of high energy, nihilistic electronic music and dark lyrics, perhaps Princeps is the perfect band for this new era with ever-changing landscapes.

Extraordinarily prolific and diverse, Prïnceps explored politics in her single 'MEGA', dubstep 'Nostalgia', dance with 'Skeleton', drum 'n' bass 'Already Forgotten You' and mixed electro and rock on her recent single 'Oh So Fun!', released in August 2020. The lead track on the 'Trinity' EP is 'Show Me What the Hell You're Supposed To Be', it's perhaps the authentic soundtrack so far.

“We've been writing these songs for a while, but we always had that feeling that it wasn't the right time to release them yet. During lockdown, while writing 'Nostalgia' and 'Oh So Fun', we went through some of our old demos and that's how it all started.... We started re-arranging each song, its sound, the lyrics... but still, there was something missing about it. Randomly, one day, during a phone call with DJ EKL, we found that he wasn't having the best time of his life due to the lockdown, like a lot of us I think, so we just said "Hey man, we've got something that will make your time better! "Want to produce sick music with us?" And here we go; after a few weeks, the EP was ready. This is another proof of how music connects people, how it is an expression of love that can make things better! And similarly, we made the video for ‘Show Me What The Hell You’re Supposed To Be’, in this case, thanks to Vibes Art."

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