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The weekly catch-up 01

The Foo Fighters Anniversary Tour, a Blitz Club and the Rum Runner homage, Thrash Metal guitar lessons, bouncy rock, with African dance rhythm and more in this week's review.

All Systems Fall | Válvera: São Paulo (Brazil) NeoThrashers Válvera, which has been conquering more and more fans worldwide with its latest studio album "Cycle Of Disaster", has released their newest Lyric Video. ‘All Systems Fall’, was chosen due to the current and critical moment that Brazil is living due to the covid19 pandemic, economic meltdown, lockdowns and collapse in the health system, with daily new records of deaths and the neglect of the rulers.

‘All Systems Fall’, is a powerful, aggressive and straightforward track, that portrays the band's dissatisfaction with the government's “rotten, greedy and inhumane system”.

Paradise | Flight Attendant: ‘Paradise’, the new single from Nashville based indie band Flight Attendant, follows a brace of musically contrasting 2020 singles in the form of hypnotic and pulsating guitar-based ‘Man Of Chaos’ and the sensuous yet somber piano-centered ballad ‘Comedy Show’ (still my favorite), timed to coincide with the US presidential election, plus the post-punk earworm ‘Dogs’ that was issued in early 2021. Read the full review.

Foo Fighters 25th Anniversary Tour becomes 26th Anniversary Tour: The original 25th anniversary Tour plans involved revisiting cities the band played on their first tour, teasing the possibility of playing “surprise” gigs at the same club venues they played in 1995, although it’s unclear if these plans are still valid for 2021. More info.

Club with no Name | Zero Corporation: A synth-rock homage to the lost boys and girls of the late 70s & early 80s of the new wave new romantics era - namely in places such as the Blitz Club and the Rum Runner – a homage to the movement that struck a new wave of art, music and a whole lifestyle that became the major mainstream.

In the Shade | el:cid: The band will finally release their first long-awaited full-length album. The album is due August 18th and will contain 15 tracks. Formed in Kyoto in 1992 and disbanded around October 1996, el:cid‘s style of music was a foresight in embracing shoegaze and digital rock. More info.

Gravity | Gods & Punks: About to release the fourth album of their career, The Sounds of the Universe, the progressive stoner quintet from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, Gods & Punks, releases yet another single, 'Gravity', an 8-minute track that is the genesis of the entire career of the band. The Sounds of the Universe album will have nine songs: five tracks from our debut EP in new, revamped versions, and four new tracks, composed between 2019 and 2020. More info.

Baggios encontra Siba | The Baggios: 'Baggios meets Siba' is The Baggios' first unreleased song in 2021, which marks the beginning of the journey of the power-trio from Sergipe until the release of their fifth studio album in the second half of the year, the successor to Volcano (nominated for the 2019 Latin Grammy).

It's a bouncy rock, with African dance rhythm, added to elements of the musical roots of the Brazilian Northeast. In other words, it is an energetic and high-spirited rock loaded with the imagination and verbiage of that region.

Menina Supertramp | Magnética: Magnética presents in its repertoire compositions that unite a mixture of good old Rock and Roll with the revolt and non-commitment of grunge. The EP has four tracks, with 'Carousel', the first one, with the most energy of the entire album, and the one that most resembles the songs from previous albums. 'Menina Supertramp', the song that gives the EP its name, starts a sequence of three tracks that resembles Power Ballads, with lyrics about relationships, either with or without a happy ending. Two tracks from this EP received audiovisual works in lyric video format, ‘Menina Supertramp’ and ‘Não Resolvem Mais’. This was also the band's first album to have clips in cartoon style.

Riff Cult (playthrough) | Claustrofobia: Promoting their single ‘Riff Cult’, the Thrash Metal / Death Metal band Claustrofobia releases a playthrough of the song with guitarist and vocalist Marcus D’Angelo. D’Angelo uses his classic combination Jackson RR24, EVH 5150, with EMG Pickups 81 with Giannini and Maccabos strings. For Claustrofobia, the song is a tribute to the Riffs, a key component of metal. Vocalist Marcus D'Angelo emphasizes this aspect by stating, “We consider it a culture, a cult. It's the hook of all Metal, everything comes from the guitar riff. And Riff after Riff (Riff by Riff), we're fueling our passion for Metal, fueling our desire to continue the legacy."

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Photo Foo Fighters performing live in 2007 by Jo - Foo Fighters Live 21

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