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Releases: Østmarka | Beaten to Death

Grindcore act shows the aggressiveness of Norwegian metal.

'Laat maar, deel twee: ik verhuis naar Østmarka' is the third part of a four series of EPs released by the Norwegian band Beaten to Death. Each record is allusive to a forest on the planet and, this time, the sextet enters the vegetation of the homeland itself.

The Oslo fjord is a deep bay of 150 km2, located in southeastern Norway, in the waters of the Scagerraque. The Norwegian capital is surrounded by lush forests on all sides, the most famous being Vestmarka, Nordmarka and Østmarka, the latter that motivates the four songs on this EP.

What makes Østmarka different from the rest, according to Beaten to Death, is its origin, based on a rocky base of billions of years. That is why the forest is so visible, from the north to the south of Oslo. It is an open vegetation and basically formed by pine trees.

Østmarka, the EP, brings a harsh grindcore, full of icy and sharp riffs that even complement typical Norwegian black metal, but also has rhythmic, melodic parts and broken times. It is more aggressive compared to previous Eps.

Beaten to Death has been active since 2010 and has released five albums. The most successful release is Agronomicon, from 2018 (the penultimate of the discography), which received praise on sites such as Metal Injection, Angry Metal Guy, Metal Temple and Distorted Sound, in addition to being nominated for a Norwegian Grammy, the Spellemannprisen. "Unplugged" (already out of print), was chosen by Decibel Magazine as the sixth-best grindcore album of the last decade.

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