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OMD releases Architecture & Morality (The Singles), Duran Duran and Permafrost new singles, Sweden's most promising metal releases new album and more.

OMD to release ‘Architecture & Morality (The Singles)’ in celebration of the album’s 40th anniversary: OMD have announced the release of “Architecture & Morality (The Singles)” in celebration of the album’s 40th anniversary. Ahead of their UK tour in which they will be playing “Architecture & Morality” in full, they will be releasing a package on 15th October celebrating the 3 hit singles taken from the album. Included on the tracklisting will be all the original b-sides as well as live recordings from 1981 and unheard demos from the recording of the album. The demo of “Maid of Orleans” is already available on streaming services. Via Side-Line Magazine.

Duran Duran | Anniversary: The band released the anthemic ‘Anniversary’, produced by the band along with British DJ/producer, Erol Alkan and the third song taken from their fifteenth studio album, ‘Future Past’, set for global release on October 22. ‘Anniversary’ is Duran Duran at their exhilarating best and continues to show why they’re still one of the most exciting and progressive bands on the planet. Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, the song is sure to be a massive live favorite. Via Black/Blue.

Permafrost | Restore Us: Norwegian/UK post-punkers release new video with film footage shot on Depeche Mode’s 'Music For The Masses' tour. Permafrost was formed in 1982 in Molde, Norway by Frode Heggdal Larsen and Kåre Steinsbu during the first post punk era, taking their name from a Magazine track. They released the 'Godtment' EP a year later. Robert Heggdal, Trond Tornes and eventually Daryl Bamonte, who had worked with bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure, rounded out the group. In 2019, they released the 'Permafrost' EP to high praise. The well-received singles 'Closed Eyes' and 'Femme Fatale', both of which reached #1 on the Indie Disko Top40 and top 5 in the Deutsche Alternative Chart and the Native25 chart, were released earlier this year, spending several weeks at the top of many indie charts. Via Black/Blue.

InSammer | Vampires: The new track belongs to the band's third album, which will be released in November 2021. One of Sweden's most promising metal bands, Insammer, introduces their transfusion metal, a heavy mix of alternative rock and nu metal, that evokes the changing musical styles and feelings that spill over them and diffuse into their performances. The band was created in Stockholm by vocalist Vika and guitarist Dennis Wise, whose collaboration began at a music institute in Uppsala, Sweden. The name InSammer was inspired by The Door Into Summer, a science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein. The current lineup also includes guitar virtuoso Oleg Izotov, bassist Nikita Simonov and world-class drummer Alex Karpukhin. Watch Vampires.

BArTc | Insubstantial as Ghosts: BArTc is London based experimental electronic audio visual artist Jason Barton, with his nom de plume comprising the symbols for three chemical elements - Boron (B), Argon (Ar) and Technetium (Tc) - while also giving nods to both Hungarian composer Béla Bartók and his own surname. 'Insubstantial As Ghosts' is Barton’s debut album and contains fourteen highly atmospheric soundscapes. Initially inspired by instrumental electronic records in his father’s record collection by titans such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre, Barton soon gravitated towards underground ‘industrial’ icons such as Coil, Einstürzende Neubauten, Chris & Cosey and Skinny Puppy, as well as digging deeper into the work of early German electronicists such as Cluster, Musique concrète pioneers Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, plus the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Citing sound recordist (and Cabaret Voltaire co-founder) Chris Watson as another influence, adding that “I have always loved environmental sounds and often carry a field recorder on my travels which I use to create texture in my pieces.” Listen to Malleus Incuss Tapes.

Palco MP3 creates a playlist with artists from a psychedelic collective: The Palco MP3 website has just created a playlist with musicians participating in a psychedelic music collective. In total, 20 artists are part of the selection (the first of its kind within the site). Among them are the bands O Vento Solar, Tropicadelia, Orange Freak and many others. The project was curated by musician Jedias Hertz, who recently released the album "Maverick Voador", a tribute to the rock psychedelia of the 60s. artists and the Stage selected the songs," says Jedias. "Psychedelic rock is a niche that is on a new rise. We had the emergence in the 60s and then several explosions of this movement from time to time to the present day. In the 90s, for example, we had a very interesting moment, with the effervescence of Jupiter Maçã and other bands that emerged at the time. Now, with the creation of groups and playlists, we have seen this trend, this resurgence, of artists who make psychedelic music. This partnership is important because it gives visibility to artists who are in a moment of ascension", he completes. Listen to the playlist.

Invisible Control - band works debut album with Destruction's Martín Furia: Winth a well balanced blend of technique, aggressiveness and melody, Invisible Control has become a solid project and is working on their debut album, titled 'Created in Chaos', which will feature eight tracks, and will be mixed and mastered by the renowned Martín Furia, who has worked on Nervosa, Eskröta and BARK albums. Martin was recently announced as the new guitarist for the band Destruction. “I'm very excited to work with one of the most promising bands on the Brazilian scene today,” says Martín Furia. Invisible Control has recently released the album's first single, “Cold in Blood”, along with the lyric video that can be seen here.

Basmoura & A Banda Dos Sonhos | Psicopaticamente Compatíveis: August was the month allusive to the fight against domestic violence, and in order to highlight this important theme, Basmoura & A Banda Dos Sonhos, the new name of Sergipe's (Brazil) haughty music scene, released the serious and psychedelic 'Psicopaticas Compatíveis' (Psychopathically Compatible), a music that deals with abusive relationships with pertinent and, at the same time, poetic reflections. 'Psicopaticas Compatíveis' is the band's second single and, as well as their debut single 'Seja Muito Bem-Vinda (Aqui É o Seu Lugar)' was produced by Julio, Julio Andrade from The Baggios, who also plays all the instruments in this song. Breno Moura, vocalist and mentor of the band, was inspired by a real situation he witnessed, experienced by close friends, and works as an alert for the topic to be increasingly debated and denounced. "A couple of friends had an aggressive relationship, they exchanged various offenses, but they never parted. As if, in the end, the mistreatment of each other was what connected them, like a compatible psychopathy." Watch Psicopaticamente Compatíveis.

Never End | The Cold and the Craving: With a sound that mixes several strands of metal and rock'n'roll, and can be classified as new thrash, groove metal and/or metalcore, the Portuguese band Never End signs with the American label Brutal Records and releases their debut album 'The Cold and the Craving'. “Signing with Brutal Records was a huge step in our career as a band. It was something we had been looking for a long time”, emphasizes the band. The album features nine songs that reflect the conflicting nature of the human condition and represents an opportunity to reflect and explore this experience. It's rare to see such a fresh approach work so well and merge with the classic sounds of metal, grunge and hardcore. Listen to The Cold and the Craving.


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