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New Releases: Zwaremachine | Conquest 3000

Atualizado: 24 de set. de 2021

The band’s second full length album is a 10 song “MHIBM” fueled bomb.

In 2018 Zwaremachine released ‘Be A Light’, which reviewers and fans embraced for the albums nod to classic EBM and Electro-Industrial sounds. Combined with modern production techniques the band created their own Minimal Hypnotic Industrial Body Music. Songs from their debut album are still showing up in DJ and Radio playlists from around the world and ‘Be A Light’ (Special Edition) was re-released by Sliptrick Records in June of 2020 with additional track and remixes. There was also a collaboration between Mach Fox and D.Corri which resulted in the 5 song EP titled ‘Ripping At The Fabric’ which was released in May 2020 by Brutal Resonance Records. Several related singles and remixes were released by the band since then and are available at their Bandcamp site and in 2019 the band spent time touring in both the U.S. and Europe.

Conquest 3000 recordings feature the full live trio of Mach Fox (vocals/synth), Dbot (bass guitar/vocals) and Dein Offizier (drums) and the songs were written and produced in collaboration with Planktoon and D.Corri with additional mixing and mastering done by Jason Orris at The Terrarium in Minneapolis, Mn.USA. By working with other songwriters and producers on the new album Mach Fox was able to explore a wider range of styles while still keeping the signature Zwaremachine minimal hypnotic sound.

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