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New Releases: Vonamor | Take Your Heart

Darkwave excellence in a quick-paced, mystic track.

Vonamor presents 'Take Your Heart', the lead track from their debut 'Vonamor' album. Produced by Lucio Leoni, this 8-track collection will be released in February 2022 via Time To Kill Records (TTK).

This is a quick-paced track, recalling the best dark pop of the '80s, with a tandem of male and female voices, confronting each other without reaching a mutual understanding, the addictive rhythm all the while inciting dance and movement.

On 'Take Your Heart', the incongruities of language are a humorous counterpart to an imperfect world, made up of discord, virtual realities, and fatal detachment from spontaneity and lightness. The first female voice is answered by the addressed male voice, although he ultimately answers from “the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns”.

A game of Dionysian invocations, of accusations and misunderstandings - all of it held together by a deep love that overcomes death. 'Take Your Heart' is an invocation to life, to love, to irony, to spontaneity in line with the poetry of Vonamor’s music.

Vonamor is made up of sisters Giulia Bottaro (voice, bass, metal flute) and Francesca Bottaro (drum station, sequencer, sax, clarinet) and vocalist Luca Guidobaldi, with Francesco Bassoli (guitars and loops) and Martino Cappelli (guitars, mandolin, bouzouki, oud, loops) joining the trio for live performances.

Theirs is a story of unexpected timbres, resonating at the very intersection between darkwave and electro music. The band's roots date back to 2016 Rome, when their focus was to communicate images, authoring various scores for short films. This morphed into the trio as we know it today with its contemporary taste and allure, literary echoes, imperious art-pop and enigmatic aesthetics.

“Vonamor is an escape plan, our treasure island, a thick and savage jungle that gives you the chance to let your prayers and whispers reverberate like a church. We used the music in this album to walk paths that we hadn’t known before, to connect Rome to Paris to Berlin to Beijing, to mix techno music with folk, to let our voices and bodies mingle and dance to an incredibly weird yet familiar beat, and finally to search for a boom of love and light into the dark of our everyday’s life: yes, Vonamor is a boom!" says Luca Guidobaldi.

In the past year, the band has released two singles, which are also featured on this album - 'Never Betray Us' and 'Fast-Forward Girl', accompanied by a clip directed by Diana Arbib and cinematography by Alessandro Rosa and featuring the dance performance 'Moto Perpetuo' by Anna Basti.

“Through our darkwave music and words, we search for the question, the ambiguity, the multiform influence of a variety of demons. We feel the urgency of questioning ourselves, our fellow human beings and the reality around us," says Giulia Bottaro.

Francesca Bottaro adds, "With Vonamor, we turned such a feeling into a sound of female and male voices, wrapping bass-lines and electronic beats, woodwind instruments chasing and caressing you, till we make you dance and move and love with us.”

'Take Your Heart' is available across online stores and streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify and elsewhere. The full-length album will be released, both digitally and on CD, in February 2022. It can be pre-ordered directly from Time To Kill Records.

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