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New Releases: matriXX - 20 Years of Alfa Matrix

Atualizado: 20 de dez. de 2021

Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Leaether Strip, Aiboforden, Male or Female, 60 tracks of the best Electro, Synthpop, EBM, Darkwave in this free compilation.

Is it by pure chance or an imminent sign?

The free compilation ‘matriXX – 20 Years of Alfa Matrix (Best of Electro, Synthpop, EBM, Darkwave)’, a collection of some 60 songs from the label’s 20 year-long repertoire is out now for immediate download.

On the Bandcamp site they state “This Christmas 2021, many amongst our alternative music scene community will gather in theaters across the globe to enjoy the unexpected 4th installment of the cult science fiction action film “The Matrix Resurrections”… In the same moment, Belgian underground dark electronic music label Alfa Matrix is closing its 20th year of existence with this new conceptual anniversary release “matriXX”. A collection of some 60 songs downloadable in MP3/FLAC quality via the label's successful Bandcamp page (FREE or pay as you wish).”

They continue to say that “Back in 2001, three Belgian boys had dreams… and well, they decided that they would not just be, “dreams”! (…) And they took that right pill”. “After all these 20 years, we’re bringing you back where it all started. Back to the Matrix!”

The three label owners went through a repertoire of over 12.000 songs and each one selected 20. They also invited the fans to contribute “never forget: this matrIXX seleXXion is only one version of the reality. Create your own on Spotify and share it with us!”

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