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New Releases: pMad | Who Am I

Good question, no answer yet!

Who Am I' - am I the perpetrator, am I the victim, am I the survivor, am I good or evil.....

Who is pMad? What is its influences? How it came to be? Is it a victim, a villain or just a survivor? And most of all, is it (musically) good or evil?

This (probably) Irish project prefer to keep thing cryptic, not much information on the press release, nor on their official site.

And should we care? Does it matter?

Or should we listen to the music without a frame o reference, without prejudice?

Maybe I’m not doing my job right, there are more questions than answers here, but I’ll double down in that and will not even give you the information I got, just my impressions.

Well, it is goth, it is 80s inspired, there’s a great accompanying video and I liked.

Will you like it? Don’t know.

After all, who I am to judge?

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