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New Artists: Reign of the Hated

Atualizado: 13 de mar. de 2021

New Jersey Metal act uses its music as a powerful catharsis outlet.

Covid-19 took and keeps taking a high toll on many families' life. New Jersey, along with New York, was one of the first states hit by the first wave of the pandemic, when little was known about the disease and effective treatments, and is until now the state with the most deaths by per habitant in the USA.

Reign of the Hated history starts two years ago. Cain, AKA Blood Wolf, (Guitars/Vocals) and his friend Scott (drums) did some shows, but it was only in May 2020, when Ophelia asked Cain to teach her how to play bass, because it was something she and her grandfather used to play when she was younger, that the band was truly completed.

Ophelia's grandfather had passed away April 14th, 2020, possibly from Covid, Cain's mother passed away just days before, April 5th, 2020, also from Covid. 'There for You' was written just after their deaths and is dedicated to anyone who had lost a family or even friend that they cared about.

'Manic Psychosis' was written when one of our band members started having a bad bipolar crisis and, according to the band it can be viewed in a couple possible different perspectives: the first as from someone who cares about a person having such a crisis, watching them go through it and their feeling they are alone, while we are trying to reach them and tell them they're not alone, that there's always someone there for them. It could also be interpreted as a deceased relative or guardian angel watching over some loved one.

Reign of the Hated is available on Reverbnation.

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