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New Releases: Janome | Xanvala

Xanvala returns to their dark and ferocious facet with new single.

I used to say that Queen was a band that knew the line that separated epic from tacky, and that they would gladly cross it. I sometimes miss this shameless arrogance approach in music-making, they often went too far and missed the point, but when they got it right…

Xanvala (stylized as XΛͶVΛLΛ) also knows the line, but, despite their over-the-top approach, they get as close as possible without crossing it (just watch their previous single 'Xanadu'). Their heavy but melodic sound, with distorted guitars, strong vocals, and energetic rhythm, coupled with an electronic background in conjunction with the Visual Kei looks (the Japanese music movement and subculture that has been popular since the 1980s, where artists wear makeup, have elaborate hairstyles and costumes, usually coupled with androgynous aesthetics) gives them a fresh and modern touch.

'Janome', released on January 29, 2021, is not as bright as 'Xanadu', bringing the band back to the darker and ferocious facet seen in 'Creeper', but is another great addition to the discography of a young and promising band.

Want to know more about the flourishing new music scene from the east? Listen to Choke (Japan), Esprit D'Air (Japan), Deer (Hong Kong) and Loop Sin (China).

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