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New releases: White Wolf – Corlyx

Atualizado: 25 de nov. de 2020

Third single out from the album Together Apart is a gothic twisted fairytale.

Stepping away from an Industrial/dark electro back from their previous work, the duo new album, Together Apart, released today, comes with a more Goth/Post Punk/Darkwave world punch.

“White Wolf” bass and drums hooks our ears immediately, Caitlin's vocals are smooth, enticing and fierce. The song is both dark and energetic, with a rhythm that reminds us of The Cure’s “A Forest”. The video leads you into a twisted fairytale, where the hunter becomes the hunted.

According to Caitlin Stokes, Corlyx singer, the “video is the fairytale version of my journey as a woman in the world, from once being preyed upon transforming into the hunter not only did I become stronger from my experiences maybe I was always the White Wolf deep down.”

Corlyx was formed in Los Angeles in 2015, when singer and songwriter Caitlin Stokes met Producer/Guitarist Brandon Ashley. The duo released their first EP One Of Us the next year, then moved to Berlin Germany to work on their first full-length album Music 2F2, released in 2018. After that the band relocated to the UK, to work on their second studio Album In2 The Skin, released in 2019.

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