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Re-Release: Misanthropy | Apokrisis

Progressive death/thrash metal quartet will offer fans and collectors the chance to get hold of the Limited Gold Edition LP.

Apokrisis, a progressive death/thrash metal quartet from Brazil, signed with UNP Music to re-release their highly praised debut full-length album, Misanthropy for worldwide digital distribution. To celebrate the new signing, a campaign will be launched to offer fans and collectors the chance to get hold of the Limited Gold Edition LP, offering the full album plus a special bonus of three previously unreleased tracks on two 12" gold vinyl records presented in a gatefold sleeve with exclusive artwork. The supporters of the campaign will also be treated to all 12 tracks as a free mp3 download.

The band:

Apokrisis was formed in São Paulo, Brazil in 2007, by vocalist Rodrigo Sanner and guitarist Evandro Bezerra seeking to mix different musical elements with a more technical and aggressive sound to establish their own identity. After several line-up changes, 2013 saw their current roster achieving the unity and cohesion they aimed to put into their music. After refining their work over more than ten years they released their first singles Quantum Messiah in 2017 and Memories in 2018, both widely publicized and very well received by the public and media.

In 2020, things started to move even with the COVID19 pandemic haunting everyone, and the path to the release of the long-awaited debut album started to be paved. Misanthropy, the title chosen by the quartet, was produced, mixed and mastered by Michel Villares and co-produced by Ricky Franco, both from M&H Studio and was finally released on all digital platforms on November 13th. The receptivity was overwhelming and the band’s debut album was immediately listed as one of the best Brazilian metal albums of 2020, occupying prominent positions by the critics and consequently attracting the spotlight of specialized media, as well as fans of their brutal and technical sound.

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