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New Releases: Pangea | Muladhara

A Heavy and climatic stoner rock track marks the band’s debut.

The stoner power trio Muladhara releases a heavy and dense instrumental track with progressive passages that precedes the release of the debut EP, Bender.

Pangea is a psychedelic and progressive eight-minute attack, with several climatic and heavy passages. A transcendental trip created by Muladhara across the Pangea continent, the only one on planet Earth about 540 million years ago, when all the portions of land we know today were glued together.

The idea was conceived by drummer Daniel Blanco, who felt greatness in music, a sense of endless continuity that referred to colossal landscapes that varied according to calm and explosive moments of the music. Maezaka (bass) and Francisco Carvalho (guitar/voice) complete the band.

The beginning of Pangea is very inviting and will attract the attention of even the public outside the niche of psychedelic rock. "Pangea shows how well our band does not care about conventional musical 'formulas'. It is a track that shows how we let our songs go where they want and are only ready when they want", commented the trio.

Pangea and the EP Bender, both to be released in streaming services in May, were recorded at the ForestLab studio in Rio de Janeiro, with sound engineer Lisciel Franco, resistance and analog recording reference in Brazil. All the songs were recorded live and on tape with the help of equipment that Lisciel himself built by hand.

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