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New Releases: Darwin’s Eden | A Projection

Currently preparing their fourth album, Stockholm's post-punk/darkwave act releases new single.

Sweden's thriving alternative scene (Vener, Henric de la Cour, Agent Side Grinder, The Sounds) continues to present us with great releases. A Projection, a post-punk/darkwave band from Stockholm just released their brand new single 'Darwin’s Eden’, a track fully embracing the electronic realm, placing themselves in the intersection between the ‘80s synthpop and the darkwave hit lists of 2021.

The band, inspired by dark post-punk/proto-goth acts such as The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy and Joy Division along with the electronica of Depeche Mode, are known for their compelling and dynamic live shows and signed to Metropolis Records in 2019 for the release of their well-received third album, ‘Section’.

The classy video, directed by Nicklas Lindahl at Nilfilm, was filmed in an old church and a natural history museum, with candlelit visuals that immediately evince a bloodcurdling sense of foreboding, this sense of dread is augmented musically by the baroque romance of an icy, organ-like keyboard motif in tandem with vampiric lyrics and crooning vocals set amongst the gothic backdrop.

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