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New Releases: In the Shade | el:cid

This August, el:cid will finally release their first long-awaited full-length album.

el:cid was formed in Kyoto in 1992 and disbanded around October 1996, however before their dissolution a bunch of their stunning tracks which were born in their 4 years of activity remained unreleased by unseen circumstances.

Last year ex-BEAST member NAGANO already helped to release “Cry for the Moonlight“, and this time NAGANO is also the exclusive supervising chief of the band’s upcoming album “In the Shade“.

It is said that el:cid‘s style of music was ahead of its time in Japan, embracing shoegaze and Electronic Rock since its inception in the ’90s. More than 20 years on, el:cid is still beloved by their fans and their music withstood the test of time to become a timeless classic.

The album will be released on August 18th and will contain 15 tracks and will only cost 2,500yen (tax not included). The album will be available in various web-stores and shops throughout the nation! The release will be published by HAUNTED HOUSE and nationally distributed by FWD.

If you grab a copy via the HAUNTED HOUSE official webshop (pre-sale start May 21st), you also will receive a bonus CD-R with a few more extra tracks, one of the tracks will be Shayou (斜陽)[Original Ver) which was originally released on the Rock Tengoku Jack In the Music Box omnibus album. Additionally, you will receive the album earlier than the regular stores will send it to you.

Please note that HAUNTED HOUSE does not ship overseas. If you need help to choose a good proxy please be free to ask help in the vkgy discord server or DM JROCKNROLL via twitter.

Because In the Shade will be distributed via FWD Inc. (Free-Will) the album will be also available at Amazon Japan and similar national (web)shops. (highly possible via CDJAPAN too), those purchase links will be announced at a later date.

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