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The weekly catch-up 02

Atualizado: 19 de jun. de 2021

Pixies US Tour, Anthrax 40th Anniversary Concert plus Alternative, Industrial, Metal, Rock, Pop and World Music releases.

Pixies announce US Tour: The alternative rock legends announced a short U.S. tour for this September. The 11-date tour includes performances at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Riot Fest in Chicago and two concerts opening for Nine Inch Nails at Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 21st and 23rd. More info.

Trinity | Prïnceps: Prïnceps, a London-based electronic rock duo consisting of Renz Byrne (singer) and Marko Press (bassist and producer), releases their new EP, Trinity, which features the collaboration of Italian DJ EKL. Described as a fusion of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Bring Me The Horizon and The Used, Princeps' influences vary widely, covering a wide range of genres, with the only common theme being the love of music. More info.

Anthrax Online 40 years Anniversary concert tickets on sale: Fans will be able to purchase a digital ticket to relive the past 40 years with exclusive interviews, testimonials and behind-the-scenes stories from the band's legendary career. The Global Livestream event, premiering July 16/17 (depending on your global location), will remain available for fans worldwide to tune in through July 25 at 11:59 pm EDT via video on demand. The band will feature an extensive setlist of hits and deep cuts that will be drawn from across the band's catalogue. More info.

Mercic 7 | Mercic: Industrial rock/metal artist from Portugal, Mercic 7 joins a vast array of guest artists to create a unique experimental soundtrack! Get the single ‘Batalha De Egos’ on all streaming services here.

Mercic 8 | Mercic: Part 2 of the double album release, the latest and most innovative Mercic’s album yet, securing the band’s position as one of the most prominent up and coming artists of the genre. Listen to ‘The Crown Belongs to Johhny’ here.

The Birthday Poems | Chris Connelly and Monica Queen: Alternative music legend Chris Connelly (Ministry/Revolting Cocks/Pigface) and the Monica Queen (Thrum ) present their collaborative album 'The Birthday Poems'. Two of the brightest musical personalities to emerge from the Scottish music scene, they have united to celebrate the 100th birthday of Orkney-born poet George Mackay Brown. This album is a fictionalized account of the romance between celebrated Scottish poet and author George Mackay Brown and his muse Stella Cartwright, as well as Stella's friendship with Edinburgh born poet Stanley Roger Green, spanning three decades (from the mid 1950s until Stella’s tragic and untimely death in 1985). More info.

Phoenix | Trend Kill Ghosts: Brazilian Power Metal band Trend Kill Ghosts is getting ready to release their new album. Their first single, entitled ‘Phoenix’ will be accompanied by a music video featuring actress and singer Aline Ferrari. ‘Phoenix’ is the track chosen to start the promotion of this new work. According to vocalist Diogo Nunes "This song is one of the parts of the new album in which I tell about a little bit of what I experienced in the midst of the Pandemic. I believe that many of us went through this, through crises of anxiety and often without perspective of improvement, sometimes thinking that nothing in our life makes more sense, but that, when we can see for a moment who we are and how far we have come, we know where to draw strength and be reborn stronger and willing to show it to the world , like a phoenix". ‘Phoenix’ is now available on all digital platforms.

Hall of The Mountain King (Savatage Cover) | As The Palaces Burn: One of the highlights of the band's new EP is the tribute track for 'Hall Of The Mountain King', a classic by the North American group Savatage. "We wanted a heavier and more modern version. As usual, we created an initial guide to analyze the songs characteristics, this facilitates the production and recording process. When it comes to the voices, my goal was to pay tribute at the same time that adding my personality ", emphasizes vocalist Alyson Garcia. More info.

Bruta | Sandyalê: In the midst of ‘Trilogia do Desapego’ (Trilogy of Detachment), in which the Brazilian pop singer Sandyalê shows different forms of love a in themed music videos, is released an electroacoustic version of 'Bruta' (Brute), a hit from the artist's latest album (Árvore Estranha, 2019) . David Bowie and Gorillaz are the references for this daring and exciting version of 'Bruta', which together with Sandyalê's voice has Pedro Fonseca on piano (from Chico Chico and João Mantuano's band) and producer Felipe Rodarte (Toca do Bandido) on guitar. Listen to the track here.

Neon feat. Lori Sky | Bilbosa: After a hiatus of several years, Irish singer-songwriter Lori Sky is back with a new collaboration with Italy-based Indie outfit Bilbosa. Their vibrant single 'Neon' is wonderfully rhythmic and mesmerizing, her vocals weaving in and out of one's heart zone, not surprising since writing these lyrics helped her work through the grief of losing her mother. 'Neon' is available across online stores and streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. The full 'Ayla' EP will be released on June 18. More info.

Adeus Mundo Véio | Sonora Fantasma: Sonora Fantasma is an alternative rock band created by filmmaker Diego da Costa in the midst of the pandemic, the project is, according to the artist, a collage of sounds, words, images and textures. After the singles 'O Provável e o Possível' and 'Vento do Leste', Sonora released the album 'Adeus Mundo Véio' (Godbye Old World), with a DIY punk attitude. According to Diego da Costa, the album is a proposal to break with the recent past, to detach oneself from the way of life before the pandemic, a farewell to the old oppressions, to think and act collectively for a new world. Adeus Mundo Véio is recommended for fans of Flaming Lips, Trail of Dead, David Bowie and Mutantes. Listen to the band here.

Melô de Salvador | Ymbu: Melô de Salvador is a song that rescues references from maracatu and psychedelic rock, and is, according to the artist, “about desire, about a fantasy, about something that hasn't come yet. After all, talking about desire in the current scenario - almost surreal - is talking about what screams in all of us: a longing for the past and longing for the future." Between guitars and ethic rhythms, the verses celebrate the culture and colors of a people from which “all the charm and dance and color of Brazil come.” Watch the video of Melô de Salvador. Watch the video of ‘Melô de Salvador’.

Let Me Fall Apart | Light the Torch: Metal band Light the Torch is in full swing, having released a new single and music video for ‘Let Me Fall Apart’, as well as announcing a live show and a new album to be release June 25th. The setlist will include never played before songs from the new album. It will also include a VIP meeting by Zoom with the band in advance. More info.

Maré Boa - Will Natural: Founding member of the band O Surto and one of the authors of the famous hit A Cera, Brazilian the guitar player Zé Wilclei, continues to pour out his creativity and release new material. His latest release, Maré boa, has 8 tracks and is driven by the song 'Nordeste Arretado'. More info.

I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry | Plenty: Plenty was originally formed in Liverpool in the mid-80’s as a post-punk/art rock hybrid and were fronted by singer Tim Bowness, who subsequently hooked up with multi-instrumentalist Steven Wilson in 1987 to found No-Man. Having reunited for the well received ‘It Could Be Home’ in 2018, the trio will release a new double album in late June (pre-orders here), from which their audacious cover of country music evergreen ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ is its second single. “It was described by Elvis Presley (who did a mighty fine version himself) as ‘probably one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard,’” states Bowness. “The Hank Williams original is a downbeat delight, but the Johnny Cash/Nick Cave duet from 2003 just about pips it for me. Our version was the last song completed for the new album and we had no idea how it would turn out. Once finished, my first thought was to wonder whether an Americana classic has ever sounded quite so English. For whatever reason, this most American of pieces seemed to bring out our inner Wilfrid Hyde-White! * Ultimately, I hope we’ve managed to pay sincere tribute to a great song, while also managing to stamp our identity on something so familiar.” More info.

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