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New Releases: II | Dead Rituals

Atualizado: 13 de mar. de 2021

Simply titled 'II', the second Dead Rituals EP takes on a different approach when compared to the band’s 2019 debut.

While the first EP was recorded solely by singer-songwriter Andrea Caccese, with songs etched out on laptops and recorded in random rooms while traveling throughout the states, Australia, and Europe, the new EP features other collaborators and was recorded in a studio. The final result of this comfortable environment, filled with analog instruments, effects and, more importantly, with creative friends, is intuitive, collaborative, and warm.

This new approach allowed an expansion in the group's post-punk matrix. While the urgency of the first songs is still present in the working track, 'Broken Memories', with its pulsating drums, new ideas and forays into electronic sounds and acoustic instruments make their way into the other songs.

'Slow Down', the second song of the EP, unfolds through odd time signatures and experimental sounds, while retaining a catchy feel. 'When The Lights Are Out' is an acoustic song at its core, adorned with a gritty beat, and effect-laden guitars. The EP has a bonus track in Bandcamp's version, a beautiful acoustic version of 'Slow Down'.

But the lead track, 'Broken Memories' is the one that grabs your attention from first listening: atmospheric guitars and anthemic drums drive you through a progressive arrangement that goes from angst to nostalgia and back to a dream-like haze instrumental outro.

Dead Rituals is proving to be a great promise and we can't wait to listen to their first full-length album.

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