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New Releases: Singles & Rarities | Paradox Obscur

Athens-based duo unveiled their video for 'Tranquil', a frosty track featured on 'Singles & Rarities'.

Greek electronic musicians Toxic Razor and Kriistal Ann combined forces in 2014 to form the post-punk synthwave duo Paradox Obscur. One of the few groups in the genre to record their albums in real-time, they prefer to capture the essence of the moment without resorting to sequencing and editing software. They also take it a step further, utilizing only vintage equipment to create their captivating raw sound.

Although the prolific pair have worked on many projects separately, it is together as Paradox Obscur where their talents have been recognized and critically acclaimed, resulting in the release of four albums and a further handful of EPs that have been backed up with numerous dynamic live performances all over Europe.

The Athens-based have unveiled their video for 'Tranquil', a frosty track featured on their Metropolis Records debut 'Singles & Rarities', an explosive collection entitled ‘Singles & Rarities’, which includes a few songs that were drip-fed digitally during 2020.

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