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New Releases: The Fixer - Mystic Underground

Atualizado: 23 de jan. de 2021

Brooklyn synthpop duo return to prove that electronic music and thought-provoking lyrics can walk hand in hand.

"When people get desperate, the knives come out."

According to singer/songwriter Vladimir Valette, the first line of the chorus came first, “I was trying to fall asleep but my mind was racing … when that line popped into my head…and from that point, I had a point of reference from which to base the song around”. Vlad’s deep voice is contained in this song, sometimes rhythmic, almost spoken but still mournful, Benedetto Socci (production/keyboards) counterpoints Vlad’s voice with a cold synth tapestry of classic synthpop acts.

The song, which is essentially about paralysis through analysis and the perils of inaction, is supported by a fantastic video directed by William Murray, who has done the band’s videos for the last ten years. The video, that tries to capture the idea of feeling out-of-sorts when presented how life can come out at you quickly, follows Vlad during a somnambulistic episode after a rough night causing him to meander around through various parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York such as the Oculus, Green-Wood Cemetery, Battery Park and Broadway Junction.

To make things even better, the new song is just the tip of the iceberg, as the band announced a new full-length album, ‘Wrapped In Riddles’, to be released November 13th through Stereosonic Recordings.

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