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New Releases: Rules | Guttroll

New single brings the purest roots of the 80's metal combined with drastic and innovative passages.

The Thrash / Death Metal band Guttroll has just released the single entitled ‘Rules’ on major streaming platforms. The track is part of the album ‘Invalid Leaders’, recently recorded by the band and scheduled to be released in the second half of 2021. Accompanying the single, a lyric video of ‘Rules’ is available on YouTube.

This single is the first work of the band with a new formation with Alex Melo on drums, Tulio Lobo on bass and Rafael Ojeriza on vocals and guitar and the power trio comes with innovations in the recording format, made in a totally analog way, which brings a natural punch to the songs.

'Rules' brings up perhaps the most important issue within our society, a cry of revolt against an entire system that manipulates and dries out ones individuality, transforming us in justa another piece of the machinery. ‘Rules’ sounds almost like a philosophical hymn to freedom.

A song with drastic and innovative passages, where changes of tone happen in addition to sudden and dry turns, the single is certainly a showcase of Guttroll’s potential, a band that brings the purest roots of the 80's metal, with heart, soul and sweat.

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