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New Releases: Our Darkest Home | Beholder’s Cult

Brazilian Doom Metal band releases their debut album.

Composed of nine dense and powerful tracks, ‘Our Darkest Home’ has a semi-conceptual theme, although not having a clear narrative, the songs and concepts communicate and complement each other throughout the album. With an intense and melancholic sound, the band follows clear influences of black metal, depressive rock, darkwave and post-punk, skillfully moving between the slow rhythm of Doom and the fast, virtuous passages.

About the album theme, the band states that “the almost dreamlike idea of a path between the beginning of life and death or between significant moments in life, represented by a journey under the sun, which becomes progressively unbearable as you progress, having the night as a point of departure and arrival. We tried to capture in the compositions the concepts of light and shadows, in addition to the weight and motivations of this transition under a burning light”.

Beholder’s Cult:

Formed in mid-2016, in Brazil by Felipe Stock (Guitar and Vocals), Pedro Paes (Keyboards) and Tama Oliveira (Drums), Beholder's Cult defined their sound within the limits of doom metal, having as their main initial references Lake of Tears and Tiamat. Still as a trio, the band released the first EP ‘Cult of Solitude’ in 2018, which was well received by the specialized media and had all physical copies sold out and now is available only on digital platforms. The success of the release was a turning point for Beholder’s Cult as a band. Throughout 2019, the band, now with Rafael Giraldi on drums and Luciano Dias on bass, dedicated themselves to the process of composing their first full-length album.

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