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New Releases: Muda | Berg Menezes

Atualizado: 23 de jan. de 2021

Theatrical and instigating, the musician's new video invites the viewer to embark on an intense and intimate journey about change.

Change, transformation, metamorphosis. Changing hurts, corrodes, but brings back life and freedom. This is the theme on which Berg Menezes builds 'Muda', his new video. The track is part of the album 'What is Your Revolution?', Released in 2018.

The lyrics play with the meanings of the title word in Portuguese, using 'Muda' (verb to change; plant still germinating; a silent person), to discuss transformations, evolutions and internal overcoming, the video expands this concept, inviting us to embark on an audiovisual journey of emotions, through a cathartic theatrical performance by actresses Samanta Sanford and Larissa Montenegro.

Communication is also very relevant in this work. The new clip by Berg Menezes talks about leaving the place, communicating and how it is necessary to break silences and oppressions that suffocate us day after day. But in addition to the theme itself, the musician continues with the initiative of making available, in addition to subtitles, the translation in LIBRAS, to make his work accessible. 'I made this song long before I started working with LIBRAS, but since we started with the project, we have tried to make as much content available as possible. And the clip couldn't be different, since communication is one of its essentials,' says the singer.

Active for over 10 years, Berg Menezes released two Eps, 'Imperfeito' (2013) and 'Vagabundo' (2014), and two albums, 'Pedra' (2016) and 'What is your revolution?' (2018). 'Muda' brings us a work of art that deserves not only to be seen but also felt in the most personal and interior way possible.

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