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Siege of Hate.

Atualizado: 13 de set. de 2020

With twenty years on the road, a side project by the bands Insanity and Obskure, Siege of Hate win both fans and critical acclaim.

Siege Of Hate emerged in 1997 as a side project between members of the bands Insanity (Bruno Gabai - vocals) and Obskure (Amaudson Ximenes - guitar and Dangelo Feitosa - drums), bands that were adept to Thrash and Death Metal and had a strong appeal to the metal audience, with Ricarte Neto (bass) completing the lineup. With a proposal of playing pure and simple grindcore, Siege of hate, or simply S.O.H., has been demonstrating, since the release of its first demo, continuous growth in the national and international underground scene, with the release of three albums, two EPs, a Split-CD (with the Canadian band Time Kills Everything), participations in several compilations of the Punk, Hardcore and Metal.

The first demo, Return to Ashes, was recorded in 1998 and shows a work consistent with the proposal to play grindcore, presenting nine tracks in 25 minutes. The demo, in addition to the initial cassette release, would be re-released on CD in 2000 and again, with bonus tracks in 2017.

In 2003 the now quartet, with Bruno Gabai (vocals/guitar), Tiago Feijó (drums), George Frizzo (bass) and Ricarte Neto (vocals/guitar) released their first album. Submersive by Nature contains 20 tracks in 31 minutes, with blunt lyrics on political, economic and social issues. Advancing in quality over the demo, the album demonstrates an exceptional level of quality, receiving distribution in the European and American markets and obtaining an excellent response from the metal specialized media, consolidating the band as an exponent of Grindcore in Brazil.

With Saulo Oliveira replacing Tiago Feijó on drums, the band would release in 2006, alongside the Canadian band Time Kills Everything the Split-CD Out of Progress. The S.O.H. would contribute 11 tracks, generating 14 minutes of aggressive sound.

The consolidation of S.O.H. on the international scene came in the 2nd semester of 2009, with the release of their second album, Deathmocracy, in Brazil and Europe and realization of the band's first European tour. The album is, musically, impeccable, distilling the essence of grindcore in its with 16 micro tracks that add up to 32 minutes of punk/metal fusion.

The European tour (Enjoy Your Life and Grind Tour), would have a total of 16 shows in 7 countries (Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and France), and was carried out completely independently and would be documented in the book "Siege of Hate - On a Collision Course", published in 2017 by the Grind Ages label. The book, in addition to great reading, telling the adventures and misadventures in Europe, serves as a great “dos and don'ts” for those who want to venture on a D.I.Y. tour.

In 2013, now with Fábio Morcego on the second guitar, the band launches Animalism. Inspired by the book "The Animal Revolution", by George Orwell, the work uses more serious tones and, some could even say disturbing tones, aiming to convey a contestation of the validity of the leaders and the control they exert over the masses.

In the same year, the band stared, along Statik Majik, for their second European tour, performing 12 shows in 6 countries. The bands, aiming for a more structured tour, hired the services of the Roadmaster agency.

In 2015 would come the first release of the band in vinyl format, Brave New Civil War, with 5 songs in less than 8 minutes. The release was accompanied by a tour in Brazil, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, as well as concerts in Fortaleza, the band's hometown.

In 2017, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their first demo, Return To Ashes was givens a limited edition in digipack format. With 34 tracks, the special edition includes, in addition to the 9 original tracks, a live performance at the Amphitheater of the Dragão do Mar in Fortaleza, and a demo-rehearsal recorded by the same formation of the first demo.

Breaking paradigms, the EP "Cerco de Ódio" is the band's first release with songs in Portuguese. The EP, produced by Jean Dolabella (Ego Kill Talent / Sepultura) and Moisés Veloso, has four new tracks and a cover of "Believers of Hell" a homage to the Brazilian extreme metal band Mutilator.

From a side project for world recognition, Siege of Hate demonstrates that with talent and dedication it is possible to win and captivate the public, making us wish that the next twenty years will bring more weight to our ears.

Siege of Hate is Bruno Gabai - Vocal and guitar | George Frizzo - Bass.

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1998 Return to Ashes (Demo) – Cassete

2000 Return to Ashes (Demo reissue) – CD

2003 Subversive by Nature – CD

2006 Out of Progress – Split CD

2009 Deathmocracy – CD

2013 Animalism – CD

2015 Brave New Civil War – 7” vinyl

2017 Return to Ashes (Demo deluxe reissue) – Digipack

2018 Cerco de Ódio – Streaming only

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